Tyre in Dubai

We are ready here with many co-worker showrooms of tires to offer you the best quality tires with affordable prices from Tyre manufacturers from Korea, USA, and China.

Types of tires

  • PCR  (Passenger Car Tyre)
    • Tyre fo all classic and luxury cars as BMW, TOYOTA, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche,…
  • TBR  (Truck Bus Tyre)
    • All Trucks cars as long haul & regional, on-off road trucks, Bus, Mini van
    • It means tires for Dump Truck, Loader, Crane, Mining Equipment, Lifting Equipment, and other particular application of building

Brands of Tires

Most of our customers like china tires with high quality, because of its budgets prices. some of china brands are not good but we selected top quality of china brands as below:

PCR Tires