Wanli tyre collection in dubai

Wanli is one the most high quality brand that we can offer you in Dubai. Long time of life of this type of tyre made it one of the best selection for budget Tyre in United Arab Emirates. This brand has all types of tire with high quality but with the lowest price.

Available sizes of Wanli tire in Dubai

Tire size of 155

• 155/65R13 SP118
• 155/65R14 SP118
• 155R12C 8PR S-2042

Tire size of 165

• 165/65R13 S-1015
• 165/70R13 SP118
• 165/70R14 SP118 Y

Tire size of 175

• 175/60R13 SP118
• 175/70R12 S-1023
• 175/70R14 SP118 Y

Tire size of 185

• 185R14C SL106
• 185/65R14 S-1200
• 185/70R13 SP118
• 185/70R14 SP118
• 185R15LT SL106

Tire size of 195

• 195/45R16 S-1063
• 195/50R15 H220
• 195/55R15 H220
• 195/65R15 H220
• 195/70R14 SP118
• 195R15 LT SL106

Wanli Tyre size 195
Wanli Tyre size 205
Tyre size 205

Tire size of 205

• 205/45ZR17 SA302
• 205/50R15 SA302 Y
• 205/55ZR16 H220 91W
• 205/60R13 S-1015
• 205/60R15 S-1023
• 205/65R15 H220 94V
• 205/65R16 H220
• 205/70R15C S106
• 205R14C S-2023

Tire size of 215

• 215/40ZR17 SA302
• 215/45ZR17 SA302
• 215/50ZR17 SA302
• 215/55ZR16 SA302
• 215/55R17 H220
• 215/60R16 H220 95V
• 215/60R17 96H H220
• 215/65R16 H220 98V
• 215/70R16LT S-2023
• 215/70R16 AS028
• 215/75R17.5 SAH02

Tire size of 225

• 225/35ZR19 SA302
• 225/40ZR18 SA302 Y
• 225/45R17 SA302
• 225/45R18 SA302
• 225/50ZR17 H220
• 225/55R17 AP028
• 225/60R15 S-1023
• 225/60ZR16 H220
• 225/60R17 AS028
• 225/65R17 102H AS028
• 225/70R16 AS028

Tire size of 235

235/35ZR19 SA302 Y
235/40ZR18 SA302
235/50R18 SA302
235/55ZR17 SA302
235/55R18 AS028
235/55R19 AS028
235/60R16 S-1023
235/60R17 S-1606
235/60R18 AS028 103H
235/75R17.5 16PR SAH02
235/85R16 LT SL106

Wanli Tyre size 245
Size of 245 Wanli tyre

Tire size of 245

245/45ZR20 AS029
245/50R18 SA302
245/55R19 SA302
245/65R17 AS028
245/70R17 S1606
245/75R16 SU006

Tire size of 255

255/40ZR18 SA302
255/40ZR19 SA302 Y
255/40R20 SP601
255/60R18 AS028

Wanli tyre size 275


255/45ZR18 S-1088

Wanli 255/45ZR18
255/45ZR18 S-1088

Tire size of 275

275/30ZR19 SA302
275/40R20 S-1088
275/45ZR20 S-1087 110/XL
275/65R17 SU006
275/65R18 S-1606
WANLI 275/70R16 SU00

Wanli tyre size 275

Tire size of 265

  • 265/35R18 SA302
  • 265/35R22 S-1087
  • 265/60R18 AS028
  • 265/65R17 AS028
  • 265/75R16 M105
  • 265/75R16 LT SU006

Tire size of 285

  • 285/65R17 SU006
Wanli M105 LT265/75R16

Tire for Off-Road

  • Model: M105
  • Size: LT265/75R16
Wanli M105 LT265/75R16

Also we can offer Truck size tire as size of 315 that suits buses

Wanli 315/80R22
Wanli 315/80R22
Wanli 315/80R22
Wanli 315/80R22